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Continental Federations

The FIH has five Continental Federations who are responsible for the administration, promotion and development of Hockey for men and women within each continent.

These Continental Federations are critical to achieving our ambition – a global game, relevant to the next generation.

TAP – Targeted Assistance Programme


The Targeted Assistance Programme (TAP) is a mechanism whereby a CF may apply for additional funding for specific projects on an annual basis. In all cases, access to funding is subject to the availability of FIH funds.

1. Application 

An initial application should be submitted to FIH using the “TAP Application Proposal” form. A detailed project plan to be submitted within a month following “Award approval in principle” by the TAP funding panel. 

The annual application deadline is September 30th unless stated otherwise by FIH 

2. TAP Funding Panel 

The funding panel will meet once or twice per year on pre-defined dates. The Panel will be made up from the Development & Education Committee.

3. Award approval in principle 

The TAP funding panel will approve/decline or defer applications presented prior to each Panel meeting. Awards will be approved in principle subject to the provision of a suitable project plan within a month after the approval decision has been communicated. 

The deadline for decision is November 30th unless stated otherwise by FIH 

Application Criteria/Guidance 


  • The TAP proposal must be relevant to the objectives of the Hockey Revolution strategy. 
  • A clear, agreed project plan presented prior to award .
  • Where FIH Academy programmes exist they should be used. 


  • Partnerships - NA (small), NA (bigger twin), CF and other partners all in agreement and all contributing to the project 
  • External funding contributions so that the TAP funding is one of a number of funding streams for the project 

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